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We Believe…
Every woman should be able to make choices about her pregnancy.

Our job is to provide compassionate care safely, affordably and confidentially. That is why we have won the TRUST of generations of women.


Potomac Family Planning Center

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Potomac Family Planning Center Rockville MD has provided safe, convenient and affordable abortion as well as family planning care to women from Maryland, Virginia, PA, WV and Washington, DC since 1993.

We are inspected and licensed by the State of Maryland. The range of abortion services includes Abortion by Pill (medical abortion / RU486), as well as, 1st and 2nd trimester surgical abortion services offered under local anesthesia, conscious sedation or general anesthesia.

2nd trimester abortions are offered up to approximately 17 weeks and require only one visit. When we know in advance we can make special arrangements for fetal abnormality cases.

Private VIP abortion services are available by special arrangement.

Affordable family planning services are also available.


Surgical abortion is a commonly performed surgery with a very low rate of complication. Most women are back to their normal activities the day after the surgery. At our office, all surgical abortions are performed by a licensed gynecologist with more than 25 years of experience.

Abortions are performed from approximately 5 weeks from the last menstrual period (LMP) to approximately 17 weeks LMP. The abortion procedure uses instruments to open the cervix and vacuum aspiration (suction) and instruments to empty the uterus. It takes 5 to 10 minutes depending on the length of the pregnancy.

Prior to the surgery we will take a full health history, pregnancy test and blood work. You will receive an exam and usually an ultrasound to determine the length of your pregnancy. Before the surgery you will meet privately with a counselor who will explain the procedure, review your after-care instructions, give you antibiotics, birth control and answer all of your questions. During the surgery a clinician will be with you at all times and she will accompany you to the recovery room where a registered nurse will monitor your progress and discharge you.

There are three levels of anesthesia available:

1. Local anesthesia

Local anesthesia is the administration of Lidocaine into the cervix, which reduces some discomfort. You will be given oral pain medication prior to the surgery but you will remain completely awake and should expect cramping during and immediately after the procedure. You are able to drive yourself after the procedure.

The following levels are ONLY available at our Rockville, Maryland location.

2. Twilight sleep or IV sedation

Light sedation administered by an anesthesiologist. It relaxes you but you remain conscious. You are awake and aware of your surroundings. Patients respond differently to twilight sleep so we do not know exactly what you may feel but it will help with the discomfort. Twilight sleep is restricted for some patients due to weight, age and other factors. If you choose twilight sleep you may not have anything to eat, drink or smoke from midnight the night before and you need someone to drive you home. Leave valuables and jewelry at home.

3. General Anesthesia

The most popular anesthesia choice. IV medication is administered by the anesthesiologist and you are given just enough anesthesia so that you do not experience any pain for the few minutes it takes to perform the abortion. You will not feel anything during the surgery and will awaken in the recovery room with the nurses after the abortion is complete. In order to safely administer the general anesthesia you may not have anything to eat drink or smoke after midnight the night before. You will need someone to accompany you who can drive you home. Leave valuables and jewelry at home.

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MEDICAL ABORTION BY PILL (RU 486) – more information

Abortion by Pill is a safe and effective way to end an early pregnancy by using medicine.

You must be at least 18 years of age to receive a medical abortion. This non-surgical process may be used up to 63 days (9 weeks) from the last period.

On the day of your appointment you will receive an ultrasound and laboratory work. You will be given materials to read. A counselor will meet with you to review all instructions, give you your medications and answer your questions. You’ll meet with the doctor and then take the first pill (Mifeprex) in the office. Within 48 hours you will use the second pills (Misoprostol) at home. The combination of the two medicines will cause you to bleed and in most cases end the pregnancy within a few hours of using the second medicine at home.

You’ll return in 3 weeks to make sure everything worked properly. The pill has a small rate of failure. If surgery or additional medicine is required to complete the process, there is no extra charge if performed in our office.

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Give us a call at 800-260-CHOICE (2464) or Request An Appointment online.
You’ll find a caring, knowledgeable and understanding voice on the line who wants to help answer your questions or resolve your concerns to make sure you have all the information you need. Open Monday through Saturday — we can usually schedule you quickly. Your guest is welcome, but please make childcare arrangements, as small children are not allowed.

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PATIENT FORMS – download PDFs below

NOTE: The following forms are made available to you online via Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please access www.adobe.com for a FREE download if you don’t already have it.

Registration Form [pdf] Abortion Pill Consent Form [pdf]
Health Questionnaire [pdf] Medical Abortion Post-Operative Instructions [pdf]
Consent To An Abortion [pdf] Surgical Abortion Post-Operative Instructions [pdf]
Pre-Operative Instructions [pdf] Privacy Notice [pdf]
Formulario de inscripción paciente [pdf] ~ En Español

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Sadly, there are occasions when a planned pregnancy goes tragically wrong and abortion becomes the best or only option. We are sensitive to the pain and grief you and your loved ones experience and want to make your appointment as comfortable, private and efficient as possible. When we know in advance, we will make every effort to provide a comfortable and private waiting area and to expedite your visit.

Please note the Rockville MD facility specializes in this type of care and is committed to being as responsive to your needs as possible. If you would prefer a completely private appointment please call us for more information. (Private VIP Abortion Services)

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Abortion fees include: lab work, ultrasound, antibiotic prescription, birth control pills and a 2 to 3 week post-operative office visit. LMP = Last Menstrual Period.

First Trimester Abortion & Mid-trimester Abortion Fees

Length of Pregnancy Local Anesthesia Twilight Sleep General Anesthesia
12 weeks LMP $350 $390 $450
13 weeks LMP* $400 n/a $550
14 weeks LMP* $475 n/a $600
15 weeks LMP* $550 n/a $680
16 weeks LMP* $650 n/a $825
17 weeks LMP* $775 n/a $1,100
* Patients with previous C-sections who are 13 weeks or over, are required to pay an additional $100.


Abortion by Pill (Medical Abortion – RU486)

Available up to 9 weeks LMP $375


If you have a negative blood type you will require Rhogam

Up to 12 weeks LMP $50
13 weeks and above $100


Gynecological Services

Office Visit $60
Sonogram / Ultrasound $100
Pap Smear & Office Visit $140
Regular Pregnancy Test N/C
Early Pregnancy Test $10
BETA (blood pregnancy test) $20
Depo Provera (birth control shot) $90
STD & Office Visit (Gonorrhea & Chlamydia Only) $300
HIV Blood Test $90
IUD Insertion (requires 2 visits) $1100
IUD Removal $150



  • Fee is payable by cash or major credit card (the cardholder must be present with their photo ID)
  • Personal checks are not accepted
  • Participating, pre-authorized insurance is accepted for payment.

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Our highly trained team is composed of experienced gynecologists, anesthesiologists, registered nurses, counselors and medical assistants who specialize in understanding the unique needs of women seeking abortions. We know what a difficult and complex decision this is for you. Our goal is to see you through your decision, whatever it may be, in a helpful, understanding way.

  • Surgical Abortion (from approximately 5 to 17 weeks from the last period)
    • Local anesthesia
    • IV Sedation
    • General anesthesia
  • Medical Abortion or Abortion by Pill (RU 486)
  • Private VIP Abortion Service
  • Sensitive Care for Fetal Abnormality Cases
  • Sonograms
  •  Free Walk-In Pregnancy Tests; Early Pregnancy Tests; Blood Pregnancy Tests
  • Birth Control Shot (Depo Provera)
  • Routine GYN Care
  • STD Testing
  • Birth Control Services

Potomac Family Planning Center is accredited by the National Abortion Federation.

PRIVATE VIP ABORTION – more information

We understand that many women want a totally private and expedited abortion experience. Our Private VIP Abortion service offers the ultimate in privacy, efficiency and discretion.

For an additional fee you will have exclusive use of the facility. You will be the only patient in the clinic and you will have the full staff including the gynecologist, anesthesiologist, registered nurse, and counselor for your care. Your guest will be with you at all times until you go to sleep for the abortion and will join you for aftercare in the recovery room. The whole process should take under 2 hours.

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The Center is located in a quiet business townhouse complex in Rockville, MD with plenty of free parking. Take Route I-270 to Exit 8 EAST toward Gaithersburg. Turn right on Route 355 (also called Frederick Road and Hungerford Drive). The Center is 2 miles on the right immediately after the entrance to Montgomery College. It is located in the rear of a business townhouse complex.

Metro: Take the Red line to the Rockville Station. The office is approximately 1 mile NORTH Take the Q2 bus NORTH and get off at Montgomery College. The clinic is located in Jackson Place North across the street. You can also take a taxi from the metro station

From Baltimore MD: Take 95 South to 495 West to I-270 North, follow directions from I-270 (see above) or from 495 West, exit 34 (North), Route 355/Rockville Pike to Hungerford Drive.

From Washington DC: Follow Wisconsin Avenue or 495 to I-270 North, follow directions from I-270 (see above) or follow Wisconsin Avenue to Rockville Pike (Route 355) to Hungerford Drive.

From Hagerstown MD: Take I-70 East to I-270 South, follow directions from I-270 (see above).

From Virginia: Take I-95 North to 495 North to I-270 North (see above).

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